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Auston Matthews and Connor McDavid: MVP Duel for the Ages

What we are witnessing from these two so far this season are historic numbers and daily highlight reels filling up your Instagram timeline.

Last night, Matthews added to a historic goal scoring run with two goals against the Habs. That's good enough to give him 18 goals in 18 games played (yes you read that right). He is now averaging a goal per game and has a whopping 12 points in his last 4 games.

Later in the night, McDavid must have seen the box score from the Leafs game and went out and put up 5 points (including a hat-trick) against his rival Calgary Flames. In case you haven't done your Sunday morning insta scroll, I'll put the clip at the bottom of this blog of his highlight-reel goal that would break the internet if this happened in any other sport (cough cough if Mahomes or LeBron did this).

So I pose this question to my fellow readers, what do you think is more impressive? Matthews' 18 goals in 18GP? Or McDavid having 37 points in 20GP? One is averaging a goal per game and the other is nearly averaging 2 points per game.

We haven't seen a goal per game pace since Mario Lemieux in the 1995-1996 season. Is that something Matthews can actually compete with? I think so, especially given the fact he has 4 or 5 more games with Matt Murray in net for the Sens.

As for McDavid, i'm not sure it's physically possible to average 2 points per game in a season, but if anyone in the modern age can do it then it would most definitely be him. We haven't had a player average over 2 points per game since, you guessed it, Mario Lemieux in 1995-1996 where he averaged 2.30 points per game that season.

All these stats and highlights are incredibly entertaining, but perhaps the most entertaining part of all this is we have the most exciting MVP duel in recent memory.

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