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NHL Gambling Trends Week of 10/25

October is the hardest month of the season to bet on in the NHL. Underdog upsets everywhere, juggernauts struggling, but one thing is for sure and that is this is Connor McDavid's NHL and we are just living in it. Le't's take a look at this week's trends:

  • McDavid over 1.5 points at home is the best paying dividend in sports betting. I kid you not this is the type of stuff they teach in Finance 101 when you whip out your $700 finance calculator that you will use for maybe 5 months of your life. Will this hit every time? No. But, when the Oilers are at home, this is going to hit more often than not. McJesus has 13 in 5 right now, not too shabby.

  • Speaking of the Oilers, Zach Hyman props to score are a great value and worth it

  • Hyman has 5 goals in 5GP so far this season. Playing with McDavid will do that.

  • Leafs rant: Zach Hyman has more goals than Tavares, Nylander, Matthews, and Marner combined (5 for Hyman and 3 for the others)

  • llya Sorokin has back-to-back shutouts. Riding hot goalies is a proven tactic that has stood the test of time. Keep an eye on NYI under when Ilya is in net.

  • Lucas Raymond is on fire right now. Coming off of his hat-trick last night against the Blackhawks, keep an eye on prop bets for the young stud in Motor City.

  • The Blackhawks are a complete dumpster fire to start the year.

  • Fun Fact: When Seth Jones is on the ice, CHI has been outscored 10-0

  • CHI broke the record for longest time spent without a lead to start a season in NHL history, just over 16 periods.

  • MAF has a .839% and a 5.74 GAA (hammer the overs?)

  • Conor Garland became the first player in Canucks history to record a season opening 6 game point streak. I like Garland prop bets as a result because the value is usually around -110.

  • The Penguins have yet to lose in regulation with all of their stars out. Keep an eye on the ML, and also Drew O’Connor prop bets (if you haven't heard of this guy yet, you are going to).

  • 5 games into the season, the Lightning have yet to score in the first period. They are the last team left in the NHL who has not scored in every period (as of morning of 10/25)

  • The Panthers are a wagon, their odds suck, but 5-0 start and probably the best undefeated team left.

  • Game of the week to keep an eye on: Blackhawks v. Maple Leafs on Wednesday, 10/27. Let me explain. The Leafs are in shambles and the city of Toronto might riot if they keep this up. The Leafs play the Canes (wagon) on 10/25. As much as I want to bet the Leafs to have a huge bounce back after getting whipped by the Penguins the other night, I just can't do that when they are going up against the undefeated Canes in Carolina. This brings me to Wednesday night, and as you can see in some of my earlier points, the Blackhawks are also in shambles. I am going to be taking the over on Wednesday regardless of who is in net. These are two teams who are trying to get out of a slump. One team can't keep the puck out of the net and the other has 4 star players eating up a ton of cap who are due to explode or they might be publicly assassinated by the Toronto faithful. I like the over in this one.

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