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Welcome to Empty Betters

Greetings world,

Welcome to the official website of your favorite hockey podcast, Empty Betters. For those who are new here, Empty Betters originally started out as a hockey gambling podcast. Myself and the other co-founder Nick made several jokes back in our college years about starting a hockey gambling podcast since we are both die hard hockey fans (although of rival teams) and gambling enthusiasts. Fast forward to summer of 2019 and we finally pulled the trigger and put pen to paper and launched our first episode in September of 2019.

The name Empty Betters originated from a play on the phrase "empty netter" in hockey. A lot of big time hockey gamblers recognize the real money lies in the "puck-line" (if you don't understand hockey gambling listen to Episode 5 to get educated), which often times hits when the goalie is pulled and there is an empty net, hence our name "empty n(b)etter".

As we have evolved as a podcast, gambling is still our main passion and this new website will make it much easier for us to give on the fly picks to our audience. However, before the pandemic, we started to do interviews with local hockey players and coaches in the Baltimore area. The interviews were a huge success and we take a lot of pride in spreading the stories, news, and events that impact the Baltimore hockey community. We plan on implementing more interviews in the near future as they are arguably the most enjoyable part of the podcast.

As you can see, you get a little bit of everything in this podcast and that is our goal. You will certainly be caught up on the happenings around the NHL, be an informed hockey gambler, and enjoy some laughs and tears with the interviews. We hope you enjoy some of the cool stuff that we have planned for this off-season and next NHL season and can't wait to use this website to interact with you all like never before.

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